Floor Sanding

Professional dust free floor sanding:

IH flooring have over 15 years experience in the sanding and finishing of wooden floors in Bristol, Bath and the surrounding areas. We have the latest floor sanding machines that guarantee a 99% dust free job. We can sand and finish any type of wood from old pine floorboards to parquet blocks. If you have a wood floor that you think is beyond repair, then feel free to give us a call…you may be surprised what can be done. Please take a look at our floor sanding gallery to see the type of floor finish you can expect.
The minimum price for sanding is £600 plus VAT.
  • floors will be sanded to a near table top finish. We will belt and edge sand the floor up to a fine 120 sanding grit. Larger gaps will be filled with wooden wedges, and smaller gaps with resin filler mixed with the dust created from the floor for an exact colour match. We will then polish the floor with fine mesh sanding pads and apply the finishing coat of your choice.
Please take a look at our latest floor sanding projects in our floor sanding gallery. Recent projects include the sanding and finishing of school halls, sports halls, community halls, libraries, and museums, where it is very important to keep dust levels to a minimum by using the latest dust extraction equipment.