Engineered Wood Floors

An engineered wood floor is the most common type of wood flooring worldwide. Its multi-layered structure makes it stable and resilient to changes in the climate unlike solid wood floors. For this reason, it can be used in conjunction with under floor heating  without causing any damage to wood. This type of flooring is environmentally friendly as is uses fast growing wood such as pine for the intermediate layer reducing the amount of valuable hardwood that is used for the top layer. This layer usually consists of oak, beech, maple, and cherry.

Engineered boards can come in a range of thickness from 2mm-6mm with the obvious benefit of the larger thickness allowing the surface to be sanded and refinished more times. On average, an engineered wood floor can be sanded about 3-4 times over the lifetime of the floor.

The same finishes that are used on solid wood floors can be used on the engineered boards.