Terms And Conditions

Fitting dates

IH Flooring aim to complete jobs within 1 month of the payment of the deposit. The exact date for fitting will be confirmed within 5 working days of the deposit being paid. Fitting dates may need to change due to issues with the supply of the material or in the unlikely event of a fitter being unavailable. Wherever possible the customer will be given notice of at least 5 working days. The customer can also change the date if necessary. Where there is less than 10 working days’ notice that the fitting date needs to be changed by the customer there may be an admin charge of £50 incurred for each change of date.

Preparation of the area

In order to complete the work the fitting area must be clear of all furniture as agreed with the customer. Where furniture has not been removed then there will be a charge of £15 per item with a minimum charge of £25. No responsibility is taken for any damage caused whilst moving furniture, unless caused by our negligence.

Where doors need to be trimmed to allow for the installation of the floor covering this service can be provided but is charged at £25 for the first door and £15 for each door thereafter.


Issues may arise during the installation of a floor often discovered when the sub floor is revealed, and where this will affect the price the customer will be notified. Customers must provide contact details for a timely response in order to resolve issues such as these.

Changes to the job specification

Any changes to the initial job specification that are made after the deposit is confirmed may have an impact on the final invoiced price. Where these changes impact on price the customer will receive a revised quote.

Data protection

Customer information will not be shared with anyone outside IH flooring. Customer information will be kept for 6 years. Periodically IH Flooring will use information to contact customers with latest offers unless a customer indicates otherwise.


Where materials have their own manufacturers warranties these will be provided on completion of the job.

Customer satisfaction and Complaints Procedure

It is important that customers are satisfied. Where issues arise customers should raise a complaint with IH Flooring inline with the complaints policy which can be found on our website here.


IH Flooring will quote for uplift and removal of any existing floor coverings if required. Alternatively a customer can remove existing flooring themselves.